Friday, 1 June, 2007

SAT Appreciation

Dear Mallikaben,

Greetings from Sense International (India)!
This is with reference to the programmes, namely - "Sat, the Chat Show" and "Tankshal", which are being produced by Darpana Communications and aired by Doordarshan (DD-11) Gujarati channel.

I wish to congratulate you for the month long initiative of giving voices to some of the most marginalized groups of people through your esteemed programmes. Sense International (India) works with deafblind people all over the country and we find the content of both these programmes to be very informative and thought provoking. These programmes have raised some very important issues like - 'Inclusion of people with disability in society'; 'Accessibility and barrier free environment for people with disability'; Livelihood and many others.

The programmes have showed that people with disabilities are capable to lead independent lives provided they are given opportunities. I am aware that this production was on a pilot basis, but I would like to request you to continue the programmes because these have started to create awareness and continuation of the same will lead to a major change in attitudes of society for the better.

Looking forward to your continued support in this regard.
With sincere thanks & thoughts,
Yours truly,
Akhil S. Paul
Sense International (India)


‘…Firstly I would like to say that I am a great fan of the SAT chat show and watch it everyday unfailingly. I am a gynaecologist who has been practicing for the last 21 years and saw both the episodes on female foeticide. I personally do not believe, unlike a large population of our society that having at least one son in a family is necessary to keep the family name alive. Examples like Indira Gandhi, a daughter and only child, who changed India and is seen as one of the strongest women of that time prove my belief of this. Where as though Gandhiji had four sons, none followed in his footsteps or kept his memory alive… I congratulate you repeatedly on finding a way through this chat show to allow people to talk for themselves about the issues that concern them and our entire society…’

~ Dr.Kirti. M. Vadalya (MD Gynaec.)
Amardeep Nursing Home
23/252 Geetanagar Amrayvadi
(Translated from the Gujarati)

‘...I would like to suggest a topic to be discussed in the SAT chat show that is rarely discussed and ignored by the society. There are many Dalit musicians who are very talented but for unknown reasons are never invited to music/arts workshops or festivals conducted by the government. They are completely being outcaste, which is something that should be of our concern. I hope you agree and make it a point to draw light upon this issue in a larger framework…’

~ Babubhai Parmar
(Translated from the Gujarati)


‘I have watched a few of the SAT chat show episodes and am interested in being part of this movement. I am eager to participate in some of the upcoming chat shows and would request you to keep me informed about them. Thank you.’

~ Harish Khatri
303, Padmavati Duplex
Sundarvan Society, Vasna
(Translated from the Gujarati)


‘I am someone who works and has been working with various NGO’s and have many real life stories that could be adapted and used in the SAT chat show to be discussed. I would like to be informed when SAT restarts its work and goes back on air, as I would love to help its work.

~ Girish Nilgiri
Sector 6/B, Block no. 78/3
‘J’ Government Quarters
(Translated from the Gujarati


‘I write fiction based stories and would like to help when SAT reopens by letting you use them as they are also based on issues that SAT would be concerned about.’

~ Badldevlal Soni
52/C, Madhuvan Park
Near Sourashtra Society
Naroda, Ahmedabad
(Translated from the Gujarati)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on the SAT chat show on beliefs of Astronomy vs. Science and hope that there are many more discussion like these to come. Looking forward to seeing them and thank you for showing this programme.’

~ Kanakbhai Trivedi
303, Shubhlakshmi Tower
Naranpura, Ahmedabad
(Translated from the Gujarati)


‘I participated in one of the SAT chat shows and enjoyed it very much. This was the first time I had been given an opportunity to be in front of a camera and was delighted and surprised that I got to do so. I would really like to thank Mallika Sarabhai, Aparna Shridhar and the rest of the team for giving me this chance.’

~ Dharmesh Sharma
(Translated from the Gujarati)


‘I saw one of the SAT chat show episodes by chance and was instantly interested in the kind of work you are doing. I am sending this letter as I too work in the media field and would want to work as part of your team or help in any way possible. Thank you.’

~ P. H. Parmar
Jatan, CG Road
Opp. Navrangpura Telephone Exchange
(Translated from the Gujarati)

'My greetings to the SAT team. I live in Jarkhand and watch the SAT program on DD Direct+ and enjoy every bit of it. I was born in Gujarat but since then have lived and worked here. As i live away from Gujarat i have not been able to stay up to date with the various happenings there. SAT and DD Gujarati have made it possible for me to finally do so and be aware of what is really going on. Please continue to show this program and keep in mind viewers like myself when you create them. Thank you.'
~ Lokesh Kumar
(Translated from the Gujarati)

We the members of Tamanna Weekly thank you for conducting a fabulous programme for the disabled children of the society. Frankly speaking God has given the, a gift to show their talent even though they are disabled. They are always full of enthusiasm and their physical defects don’t matter. You have really given them a good platform to expose themselves in front of the public. Wes wish good luck and will pray to God to help you in performing such programmes through your ‘SAT’.

Sub-editor, Tamanna Weekly

I’m writing this letter in appreciation of your efforts on this type of Public Awareness Programming. This type of programming is really useful for the poor uneducated people of our society. Astrology has become an important aspect of the life of all people. But they are not aware or they even don’t know the proper meaning of astrology. People have started earning money in the name of astrology; they try to cheat the people in the name of astrology. A real astrologer always reveals the negative and positive aspects of a person. The medium you have chosen is a perfect platform to reveal the facts of life in any field. ‘SAT’ means truth, and you are trying to reveal truth on any subject. We wish you to continue such programmes and request you to promote the real astrologers in the society through such programmes and stop the people from getting cheated and save their hard-earned money.

Sub-editor, Tamanna Weekly

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