Monday, 26 March, 2007

About the Programmes.

SAT Prabhat (Daily @ 8:30 am): A magazine format breakfast show with snippets to inspire and to set you off on a good positive start. It also gives daily tips on how we can make a difference to our immediate world and thus the world at large.

Tankshal (Daily @ 9:30 am): A programme aimed at economic empowerment of the poor, especially women. It brings together case studies with a chat with NGO personnel working in relevant fields in various parts of the state. Each episode highlights three stories, either about water, the Right to Information Act, self help groups, economic empowerment of the poor, health, or a success story

Sat Katha (Saturday & Sunday @ noon): True stories of the strength and perseverance of real life women.

Ek Moti Ekalvayu (Monday thru Friday @ 3 pm): A fictional series revolving around women's issues and how they affect those involved.

SAT Chat Show (Daily @ 8:30 pm): A chat show to debate pertinent issues in today’s India. Three panels including experts and NGOs, besides members of civil society, debate the topics.

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