Monday, 23 April, 2007


Aditi Desai in conversation with Mr. Ilesh Raval (Incharge Specialist Educator, Prerana Sanastha Manthbudhi Balakoni Thalim Shala, expert on educational development of disabled children)

Water: Moviya village took advantage of a government scheme created by the District Rural Development Agency with the help of the Water and Sanitation Management Organization, which granted the village Rs. 48 crores. They were able to build a 45 lakh litre capacity water pump and a 20 lakh litre water tank.

Self Help Group: Abika SHG helps its members set up savings and loans so that they may set up various small scale businesses.

Water: With help from Sarda Jal Sanchay Yojana government scheme, Panchvada village members contributed 40% of funds to build 60 check dams. Under the Sector E-Form scheme, Narmada River water was supplied to them.

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