Sunday, 22 April, 2007

Sat Katha (Truth Tales)

Navi Kshitijo - Lakshmiben

The story of Navi Kshitijo, who had lost her entire family’s savings more than once through theft and con, perseveres and regains financial stability for her family by utilizing a savings account in a bank as well as making use of her mobile phone to help expand her business.

Director: Hridaynath Gharekhan
Chief Assistant Director: Dipika Goenka
Assistant Director: Vijay Rajput
Ashish Prajapati
Editor: Jayesh Gadivi
Shilpa Thaker, Ratnabhai Rabari, Imtiaz Sheikh, Prakash Bhatia, Minaben Prajapati, Binaben Shah, Ninaben Shah, Dipikaben Patel, Jhanvi Patel, Chandranil, Devanshi

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