Saturday, 7 April, 2007

The SAT Chat Show


Issues of municipal sweepers – discussion with authorities and citizens.

  • Municipal Sweepers: M.J. Fancy, Harish Bachubhai, Harish Makwana (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation)
  • Authorities & Experts: A.K. Shah (sanitation superintendent), M.C. Dave (Health Officer, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), Jayantibhai Makwana (Director, Solid Waste, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), Mr. Zalawadia (Municipal Commissioner), Dr. J.V. Solanki (Deputy Health Officer, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), Dharmendra Patel (Public Health Superintendent), Dr. G.T. Makwana (Deputy Health Officer, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation)
  • Civil Society

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