Tuesday, 27 March, 2007


Aditi Desai in conversation with Mr. Vijaykumar Kaushal (Program Coordinator, VIKSAT, expert in natural resource management, livelihood and forestry within Gujarat)

Economic Empowerment: A government scheme created by the District Rural Development Agency with the help of other NGOs for rural women to help them become self-reliant by training them in frame embroidery work and helping them to acquire marketing skills.

Water: Khara Ghoda village had water related problems. Under a scheme by the Water and Sanitation Management Organization, the District Rural Development Agency working with SWATI, an NGO, in Dhargadhara Taluka, motivated villagers to start a water committee. Each family contributed Rs 200 to an overall scheme, totalling Rs. 1,95,000 that contributed to the Rs. 37 lakh project, and are now in control of and responsible for their own water supply.

Self Help Group: The self help group, Mira, has been trained to produce metal inlay work to augment their incomes as well as develop products and capacity by the District Rural Development Agency. Mira has been awarded Rs. 2.5 lakhs for the same.

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